Saturday, 3 March 2012


BHADARWAH: A meeting among members of Village Defence Committee and Army was organised at village Bhalla on 02 Mar 12.  A total of 29 members from various villages like Chekka, Seuta, Bhara, and Maloti attended the meeting at Army Camp of 4 Rashtriya Rifles in Bhalla.  The aim of the meeting was interaction and discussion over security issues due to the onset of summers and training of Village Defence Committee members. 
The Army instructors highlighted upon, the safety and security aspects of the villagers and also briefed about the law and order situation prevalent in the area of responsibility.  The representatives  present were explained the importance of coordination and mutual understanding between the security forces, village defence committees and civil administration and its contribution towards furtherance of synergizing efforts in the direction of development of area and elimination of negative elements from society.  At the end of the meeting, tea was organised for the members.

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