Tuesday, 21 February 2012


 SRINAGAR: In their endavour to channelize the resourceful energy of the youth in constructive manner the Chinar Corps is conducting vocational training cadre on welding for unemployed youth of the valley under the aegis of Chief Engineer Chinar Corps at their engineering unit location at Old Airfd.  This cadre gives opportunity to the youth of the society to seek employment in the industries or set up their own small business for earning livelihood leading to achieve a better financial status. 
The second training cadre on welding is being conducted by the engineering regiment for a duration of four weeks from 06 February 2012 to 03 March 2012 for 27 unemployed youth from South Kashmir having a minimum educational qualification as 8th standard.   The lodging and food is being catered by the Army for the training.  The cadre would be conducted under guidance of qualified tradesmen (experts) of the unit in their well equipped workshop.    At the end of course they will be assessed by Technical team detailed from ITI, Srinagar and each individual would be given a qualifying certificate,  which would help them in future employment. 

The cadre includes training on metal welding & cutting, pipe welding, arc welding, brass welding and Gas welding as well as handling of cutting machine. The vocational training would not only help  the youth to inculcate a sense of confidence and achievement but would also simultaneously help in cementing the relation between the army and local populace.

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