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UDHAMPUR: Sepoy Noor Hussain, Sena Medal was enrolled in the 159 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) (Home and Hearth) DOGRA on 14 Jan 2004. After undergoing the basic military training, the individual was deployed in Kishtwar District to assist the Rashtriya Rifles in conducting Counter  Terrorist operations. He operated in area Mugal Maidan, Chhatru, Keshwan, Palmar and Dul of Kishtwar District. Due to his sincere and meticulous efforts, Noor Hussain, had been effectively yielding actionable intelligence about the terrorists movement and their hideouts, caches etc. 

On 27 Oct 2007, Sepoy Noor Hussain provided a hard intelligence about the presence of two Hizbul Mujahedin terrorists at Tainar Forest, general area Chhatru, District Kishtwar and led the operation alongwith Rashtriya Rifles Battalion as a scout. Showing great determination, grit and least concerned to own personal safety  the individual eliminated two hardcore terrorists. The details of the eliminated terrorists are as under:-
(a)     Mohd Ashraf Bhatt @ Gaznavi s/o Ghulam Mohd Bhatt, r/o Bhatpura, Tehsil Commander of Hizbul Mujahedin Tanzeem.
(b)     Jaffar Hussain @ Abid @ Jaffar, s/o Nazeer Ahmed, r/o Narian of Hizbul Mujahedin Tanzeem.

Sepoy Noor Hussain was awarded the SENA MEDAL (GALLANTRY) on 15 August 2008 for the above act of bravery and meticulous planning.

Sepoy Noor Hussain, Sena Medal, also served in United Nations Mission at Lebanon with 2 DOGRA with effect from 14 November 2008 to 14 September 2009.

On the night of 02 May 2012, Sepoy Noor Hussain, Sena Medal provided intelligence about the presence of two hardcore terrorists, viz ; Shaqir Hussain @ Chhota Hafiz and Amir Ali Kamal @ Akram at Kul Gad, general area Palmar Forest and led the  Rashtriya Rifle column to the target area. While approaching the target area, the individual came under hostile fire and got seriously injured. Performing the duties of a brave, dedicated and motivated soldier he breathed his last at the spot.
Family Background
Sepoy Noor Hussain, Sena Medal, belongs to a poor family from a small village Palmar Rakna, a remote area of Kishtwar District. Details of his family are as under :-
          (a)     Father       - Sh Abdul Kabir, Age 65 years.
          (b)     Mother      - Mrs Mala Bagum, Age 57 years.
          (c)     Brother     - Nazir Ahmed, Age 28 years.
          (d)     Sisters :-
                   (i)      Amina Bagum,  Age 41 years.
                   (ii)      Nagina Bagum, Age 39 years.
                   (iii)     Farida Bagum, Age 36 years.
                   (iv)    Kulsoma Banoo, Age 22 years.
                   (e)     Wife  - Mst Tasena Bagum, Age 28 years.    
          (f)      Children :-
                   (i)       Miss Kusbho, Age 08 years.
                   (ii)      Miss Sheeza Akhter, Age 06 years.
                   (iii)     Miss Azra Kouser, Age 04 years.
                   (iv)    Miss Aksha Bano, Age 05 months.

It is also pertinent to mention here that Sepoy Noor Hussain’s sister marriage had been fixed on 15 May 2012.

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