Wednesday, 4 April 2012


RAJOURI: The Ace of Spades Division organised a visit of the students of HEM and National Public School, Rajouri to ‘Hall of Fame’ on 04 Apr 12, to showcase the sacrifices made by the valiant people of Rajouri  and the Army, for the liberation of Rajouri. 
 ‘Hall of Fame’, the living moment of bravery and sacrifice, has been dedicated to the brave martyrs of Rajouri and Poonch and the soldiers.  In addition to a large number of portraits of Army men of all ranks, portraits of Moulvi Ghulam-ud-Din and Smt Mali Bee have also been given due respect in the photo galleries.

The visit proved to be an eye opener for the students, to learn and understand the heroic deeds of the ancestors of both Rajouri and our brave soldiers. They also learnt about the various wars fought and the contribution made by the local population in the same.

The students expressed their gratitude for this unique opportunity and were also inspired to join the Indian Army and serve the nation. 

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