Saturday, 28 April 2012


RAJOURI:   Rashtriya Rifles camps at some places are located on private land, for which the rent is regularly paid to the owners. Land use rent payment and compensation procedure is very lengthy and time consuming as numbers of govt agencies are involved in it. 

To speed up the process and facilitate timely payment of legitimate compensation from the Government to the land owners, Sector Rashtriya Rifles Thanamandi  took the initiative of establishing liaison and coordination with various departments involved in the compensation process. The efforts  bore fruit as 10 cheques of compensation amounting to Rs 1, 23,760/- were released by the Government. 

These cheques were distributed in the presence of Tehsildar to the concerned persons who have leased out their land and home/dhok. The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the Army for making all out effort for realisation of compensation to the villagers.   

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