Wednesday, 14 March 2012


SURANKOTE: A large population of Poonch district lives in far-flung and remote villages and their main source of income are from their livestocks.  Lack of basic veterinary facilities have often led to loss of their livestocks thereby aggravating the problems of the folks.

In order to overcome the difficulties faced by the people, a Rashtriya Rifles Battalion made an endeavour to reach out to the poor people in this remote area by conducting a week long veterinary training camp at Kulali.  The aim of the camp was to generate awareness among youth about the various types of diseases which livestocks are immune to and precautionary measures to be taken to protect them from these diseases. 

The training was conducted in a phased manner where first theoretical lectures were given and thereafter practical training was imparted.  A total of 27 youths attended the training.  On termination of training, prizes were also distributed to the outstanding participants.  Participants showed keen interest in the training camp and brought out their problems and their queries which were answered by the Army veterinary doctor.

This initiative of Romeo Force of conducting veterinary training was greatly appreciated by the local populace in areas around Surankot Tehsil.  Master Javed s/o Mohd Latif stated that he has gained a lot from this veterinary training and can now confidently diagnose and take care of his cows and goats.  

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