Friday, 16 March 2012


BANDIPURA: Kharpura Camp has been under occupation by security forces initially by BSF followed by CRPF and then by 14 RR Bn since Nov 2003.  The rent payment to the land owner of Kharpura Camp amounting Rs. 32, 19, 668/- was released by PDDE, Jammu after a prolonged persuations and coordination with concern Government authorities by 14 RR Bn. The rent outstanding for the period from Nov 2003 to Sep 2011 has now been released.  
In a function organised under the arrangements of 14 RR Bn at DC, Office Bandipura on  10 Mar 2012, the rent payment was disbursed to the concern land owners of Kharpura Camp by DC, Bandipura in the presence of Army authorities and civil adminstrative officials.
The land owner mostly of migrant pandits have received the payment after a prolonged waiting for many years.  The rent payment for the subsequent period will be paid the land owners through DC, Office Bandipura regularly as informed by Army authorities.
The details of land owners of Kharpura Camp are Mohd Sultan S/o Nawab Khan  (Sara Begum), Mohd Ramzan S/o Salam Ganai, Rafiqa D/o Assadullah Shamisu Nisa D/o Shamisuddin, Bushan Lal  S/o Shamboo Nath, Roshan Lal, Bansil Lal, Kesri Lal, Ravinder Kumar S/o Roopa Wati, Vijay Kumari D/o Reshi Bhat, Shambu Nath, Sham Lal S/o Ram Chand , Nath S/o Lachman, Triloki Nath S/o Sensar Chand, Narender Nath S/o Govind Ram, Bushan Lal, Sudhir Kumar, Anil Kumar, Rehana Hassan and Ruksana Hassan D/o Gh. Hassan Rather, Khazir S/o Ahad Mir, Khazir S/o Ahad, Munwar S/o Gullu, Maharaj Krishan S/o Deen Nabi, Mohd Ramzan S/o Salam Ganie,  Mohd S/o Aziz Lone, Kanwal Krishan, Roop Krishan S/o Sham Lal, Omkar Nath, Prathvi Nath, Maharaj Krishan S/o Deena Nath, Gh Nabi S/o Jabbar Ganie, Jawahar Lal , Bal Krishan Son & Sheela Kumari & Bansanti Kumari D/o Bimla Wati, Jigar Nath, Heera Lal, Badri Nath S/o Niranjan Bhat, Maharaj Krishan, Bushan Lal S/o Seez Ram, Kewal Krishan, Roop Krishan S/o Sham Lal, Reeta Kumari daughter & Kamla Wati widow of Shayam Lal.

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