Sunday, 25 March 2012


KISHTWAR: In the series of Op Sadbhavana activities conducted by the Army, a grand  function was organised on 24 Mar 2012 by Rashtriya Rifle Battalion deployed in Kishtwar to hand over the study material and furniture provided to Govt Primary School at Village Sonabathi (Palmar), Kishtwar district under the aegis of Op Sadbhavana by the Sector Rashtriya Rifle. 

 The function was inaugurated by the Commanding Officer of the Rashtriya Rifle Battalion with the opening address in which he highlighted the importance of education and competitive environment for the students.  He further spoke about the various projects being planned under Op Sadbhavana by the Army.  Thereafter, the Chief Guest of the function  Mr Manoj Kumar, Sarpanch of Sonabathi spoke about the contribution of the Army to the society and the various projects undertaken by Army .

He further spoke about the importance of education for students and also urged them to take the full advantage of facilities being provided.  He also spoke about the noble cause taken up by the Army to help local population by provisioning of furniture to school.  Later  Mr Ranjit Singh, Headmaster, Govt Primary School Sonabathi thanked the Army for the assistance to the school.  Among the other guest included the education fraternity, school children and the civil dignitaries.   

The school children had also organised a colourful cultural presentation which was appreciated by all those present. The study material and furniture provided to the school will be of great assistance as the school did not have any and the children were perforce made to sit on the ground causing great inconvenience and discomfort.  The children hail from very poor families and cannot afford even the basic requirements of education.  The provision of school bags and tiffin boxes to the children will brighten their prospects of attending school regularly and avoid the feeling of deprivation.  Similarly, the teachers in the school have been provided with tables and chairs which is befitting their status and has provided additional impetus to impart quality education. It has totally changed the appearance of the class/staff rooms and will certainly benefit the students and locals in equal measure.

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