Saturday, 10 March 2012


AKHNOOR: On 26 Dec 11 at approx 1130h Shri Ravi Kumar Sharma, S/O Kaku Ram, resident of Ghora Pattan, Teh Akhnoor, was crossing the Iron Bridge over Chenab River at Akhnoor when he saw a girl falling from the Iron Bridge into the Chenab River.   
The river at this place is 12-15 feet deep with very fast and turbulent water currents. The current of Chenab river is so hostile that even the best of swimmers do not enter the river at this particular spot. Shri Ravi Kumar Sharma in an exceptional act of bravery, and with total disregard to his own personal safety, jumped into the fast flowing, turbulent and ice cold waters of the river and pulled her to the riverbank, thus saving her from certain death.  
Shri Ravi Kumar Sharma acted with exceptional fortitude in affecting the rescue of the girl at immense risk to his own life.   His courage against seemingly insurmountable odds is a testimony to the highest quality of valour and compassion that an individual can display for the life of a fellow human being. As a acknowledgement of this display of unparalleled courage and human character of exceptionally high order in protecting the life of the girl, Sri Ravi Kumar was awarded Rs 5000/- by the Army.

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