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159 Infantry Battalion (Territorial Army) (Home & Hearth) DOGRA will carry out recruitment at Sports Stadium, Doda from 12 Mar 2012 to 17 Mar 2012 to recruit domicile persons of Districts Doda, Ramban and Kishtwar of Jammu & Kashmir for soldiers (General Duty) and tradesmen (Dresser & Black Smith) category.  The Schedule of recruitment is as under :-
(a)           12 Mar 2012         - For candidates hailing from Kishtwar district only.


                (b)           13 Mar 2012         - For candidates hailing from Ramban district only.

                (c)           14 Mar 2012         - For candidates hailing from Doda district only.

                (d)           16 Mar 2012         - For candidates hailing from J&K for tradesmen.
                (e)           17 Mar 2012         - Interview.

2.             The conditions for enrolment in the Territorial Army are as under :-

                (a)           Age                                                         -   18 to 42 Years (unmarried till 21 years).
                (b)           Weight                                                   -   50 Kgs.
                (c)           Chest                                                     -   77-82 Cms (5 Cm expansion) 
                (d)           Height (Minimum)                                                -   160 Cms.
                (e)           Civil Education (Minimum)                                -   10th Class simple pass for soldier (GD)
                                                                                                    and 8th Class for Tradesman (Dresser & Blacksmith).
                                                                                                    (10th simple pass of tradesmen from Udhampur).
3.             Preference will be given to :-

(a)           Ex-Servicemen and their wards, or those who have assisted Army in fighting the militancy or from remote areas.

(b)           Good Shooters/Computer literate/Nursing/Vehicle Mechanic/Sportsmen who have represented at State and National level and drivers as soldiers (General Duty) with certificate issued by competent authority.

(c)           Candidates of the younger age group between 18 to 25 years with higher qualification.

4.             The following documents will be brought by the candidates who are desirous to enrol in the Territorial Army :-

                (a)           Civil Education Certificates in Original.

(b)           Civil Education Certificate countersigned by CEO/DEO in case of under matric (for Tradesmen only).

(c)           Character Certificate (issued within last six months) duly stamped and signed by Sarpanch/Principal and countersigned by SHO concerned.

                (d)           State Subject Certificate in original duly signed by Tehsildar/Nb Tehsildar.

                (e)           08 Passport Size Coloured photographs.

(e)           Unmarried Certificate, if the candidate is below 21 years (issued within last six months) duly signed by village Sarpanch only.

(f)            In case of Ex-Servicemen and wards of Ex-Servicemen Original Discharge Book/photocopy is mandatory to be brought by the candidate. In case of Son/Brother of Service/Ex-Servicemen, the relationship certificate to be issued by the concerned Records Office.

(g)           Caste and Class Certificate in Original duly signed by Tehsildar/Nb Tehsildar concerned.

(Note :-Name, date of birth variation and any over writing in above certificates WILL NOT be accepted).  

5.             General Points

(a)           No TA/DA will be admissible to candidates.

(b)           The authorities conducting the rally will not be responsible for any accident/injuries to the candidates during the recruitment rally.

(c)           Territorial Army service is purely voluntary organisation and essentially a part time job and persons will be employed temporarily based on government sanction and organisation requirement. The organisation does not provide or promise any permanent employment. Candidate could be send on disembodiment any time by virtue of reduction of vacancies and change in policy. Longer embodiment as and when required by the organisation will be called for, however, the same is not assured or promised.

(d)           There should be no wax in ear. Candidates are advised to get their ear cleaned before reporting for recruitment rally. 

(e)           All candidates reporting for recruitment rally are warned not to create trouble, stone pelting etc during the rally.  Miscreants will be handed over to the police for further action.

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(d)    12 ekpZ 2012          dsoy fd’rokM+ ftyk ds mEehnokj

([k)    13 ekpZ 2012          dsoy jkecu ftyk ds mEehnokj

(x)    14 ekpZ 2012          dsoy MksMk ftyk ds mEehnokj

(?k)    16 ekpZ 2012          dsoy tEeq vkSj d’ehj ds mEehnokj
(M)      17 ekpZ 2012           dsoy lk{kkRdkj

3-       izknsf’kd lsuk esa HkrhZ ds fy, vko’;d ;ksX;rk,W :-  

(d)    mez                   18 o”kZ ls 42 o”kZ
        ([k)    otu                 50 fdyksxzke  
        (x)    Nkrh                 7782 ls0 eh0 (05 ls0eh0 dk Qqyko)
        (?k)    yEckbZ                160 ls0 eh0 de ls de
        (M-)    ’kS{kf.kr ;ksX;rk          nloh d{kk mrh.kZ lksYtj (GD) vkSj VszMeSu ds fy, vkBoha ikl
                                  m/keiqj ftys ds VszMeSu  ds fy, nloha ikl A
4-       ojh;rk :-
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        ([k)    vPNs fu’kkusckt, dEi;wVj f’kf{kr, uflZxa, Oghdy edSfud vkSj f[kykM+h ftuds ikl izns’k ;k jk”Vz Lrj dk       izek.k i= gkaas tks fd fu/kkZfjr lxBu }kjk tkjh fd;k x;k gks A
        (Xk)     tks 18 ls 25 o”kZ dh vk;q lhek ds vUrZxr gS A

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        (d)    ‘kS{kf.kd ;ksX;rk ds ewy izek.k i=A
([k)    ‘kS{kf.kd ;ksX;rk ds ewy izek.k i= CEO/DEO }kjk v/kksgLrkfj{krA (dsoy nloh ls uhps ds fy,)A
(x)    iz/kkukpk;Z /xzke iz/kku }kjk tkjh fd;k x;k pfj= izek.k i= tks fd ut+nhdh iqfyl Fkkuk vf/kdkjh (SHO) }kjk v/kksgLrkfj{kr fd;k x;k gks (issued within six month) A
(?k)    ewy fuokl izek.k i= (State Subject Certificate in Original)A
(M)    08 ikliksVZ lkbZt QksVks A
(r)     ;fn vH;kFkhZ dh vk;q 21 o”kZ ls de gS rks jktif=r vf/kdkjh dk vfookfgr gksus dk izek.k i= lkFk yk;sA
(Fk)    tkfr o Dykl  izek.ki™k  tks rglhynkj ds }kjk gLrkfj{kr fd;k x;k gks A
(/k)     HkqriqoZ lSfud ;k mlds Ward gksus ij mudks Discharge Book/Photocopy dks lkFk esa ykuk vfuok;Z gSA HkqriqoZ lSfud ;k lSfud dk iq= ;k HkkbZ gksus ij mudks Relationship Certificate tks fd fjdkMZ vkfQl }kjk tkjh fd;k gks  lkFk esa ykuk gksxk A         

(Note :- mijfyf[kr nLrkostks eas uke  o tUe frfFk esa QdZ vkSj vU; fdlh Hkh izdkj dh overwriting ik;s tkus ij nLrkostksa dks Lohdkjk ugha tk;sxkA)
6-       ‘krsZ :-
        (d)    HkrhZ ds fy, fdlh Hkh izdkj dk ;k=k HkRrk ns; ugha gS A
        ([k)    fu;qfDr gsrq HkrhZ ijh{kk ds nkSjku fdlh Hkh izdkj dh pksV yxus ij vH;kFkhZ Loa; ftEesnkj gksxk A
        (x)    izknsf’kd lsuk dh lsok Li”V :i ls vLFkkbZ gSA A tokuksa dh lsok iq.kZr;k ljdkj dh lgefr vkSj t:jr ij fuHkZj djrh gSA mEehnkjksa dks fdlh Hkh le; gkykr dks ns[kdj vkSj funZ’k feyus ij fML,EckWMh Hkstk tk ldrk gS ;fn budh lsok dh vko’;drk u gks A
(?k)    dkuksa esa fdlh Hkh izdkj dk eSy ugh gksuk pkfg, A vRk: dku lkQ djok dj gh HkrhZ jSyh esa gkftj gksa A
(M)    lHkh vH;kFkhZ;ksa dks fgnk;r nh tkrh gS tks Hkh izknsf’kd lsuk dh HkrhZ esa Hkkx ysaxs, HkrhZ ds nkSjku fdlh Hkh izdkj dh gM+dEi rFkk iFFkjokth ugh djsxsa A ;fn vjktdrk QSykrk gqvk dksbZ vH;FkhZ idM+k tkrk gS rks mls idM+ dj rRdky flfoy iqfyl dks vxyh dk;Zokgh gsrq lkSai fn;k tk;sxk A

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