Tuesday, 24 January 2012


DODA: Nine Sector Rashtriya Rifles is deployed in Doda and Kishtwar Districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The area is remote and backward having limited connectivity with other parts  of the state.

Remoteness is further compounded by the fact that the area has treacherous and rugged mountainous terrain which further limits mobility.  Furthermore, the area was heavily  terrorism infested and was once a breeding ground for major tanzeems operating in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

All these factors coupled together have had an adverse effect in the development of basic public amenities and infrastructure including education, basic heathcare, administration and roads in the area.   Deployment of Rashtrya Rifles saw a marked improvement in the area as it not only successfully curbed terrorism in the area but also was able to assist the civil administration in development of the area through conduct of various OP SADHBHAVANA  projects and activities.  

Educating and moulding the younger generation to wean them away from militancy has been one of the areas in which a lot has been done by the Army.  Projects like construction of school buildings, addition of rooms in existing schools, provision of furniture, books, computers and study materials, etc have been undertaken by the army regularly.  Keeping the same ethos in mind Army has been planning many educational and motivational tours for the children of this state.  

These tours aim at opening up the mental horizons of these children by making them see the rich culture and tradition, development, peace and harmony existing in other parts of the country, thus inculcating a sense of belonging and national integration amongst the children of this area.  It is indeed a lifetime opportunity provided by Army for the children of remote areas thus bringing about psychological impact to join the mainstream of the Nation.

Keeping the same spirit in mind an education cum motivational tour to Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Nagpur is being conducted for 23 students of remote and far flung villages of districts Doda and Kishtwar alongwith two teacher from 24 Jan 2012 to 05 Feb 2012.  The visit would go a long way in moulding these young and innocent minds towards aligning their outlook with the national mainstream.

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