Monday, 9 January 2012


BHADARWAH: Due to incessant snowfall the entire area of Bhadarwah got snapped off from the rest of the district.  The locals of the area had to face lot of difficulties to carryout routine activities as most of the services came to a standstill due to persistent snowfall. 

The 4 RR unit located at Bhadarwah came to rescue of locals on 08 Jan 12 wherein Mrs Kirna Devi of vill Khaleni who was critically ill was assisted in moving down from her vill to the nearest road by the troops of 4 RR through inhospitable terrain in rough weather, the timely assistance could save the life of the lady.  
In second incident on 09 Jan 12 the troops of 4 RR provided medical relief to Mr Gulam Din of   vill Batoli who was suffering from burns and could not move to the hospital due to adverse weather, the timely medical assistance by 4 RR brought relief to Mr Gulam Din.  These acts of human service and compassion were well appreciated by locals of the area. 

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