Monday, 19 December 2011


KUPWARA: Exposure to the areas outside Jammu and Kashmir has helped the Senior Citizens of Jammu and Kashmir in appreciating the importance of national integration & unity in diversity in the country. 
With this good intention twenty eight Senior Citizens with four soldiers from 47 Rashtriya Rifles (BIHAR) area of responsibility visited Karnal Agriculture Farm and Dairy Farm & Hissar AgricultureUniversity, Stud Farm & Cattle Development Centre etc  from 06 Dec 2011 to 17 Dec 2011. 
They were given a warm welcome on their arrival at Charkut, Kupwara by Col KC Saklani, Deputy Commander 8 Sector Rashtriya Rifles. The Senior Citizens were appreciative of the efforts by the Army in organizing the educational tour, which gave them an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge about agriculture & animal husbandry. 
They interacted with local people and also enjoyed the beautiful monuments while visiting Karnal & Hissar. They witnessed the developmental activities in the cities and also experienced the Senior Citizens of their ages conducting themselves and interacting with the Army without any inhibitions. 
On returning, some of the elders in their exuberance told that the tour has been an eye opener for them, because of the bonhomie and courtesy that was extended to them by the people with whom they got an opportunity to interact.  They wished Jammu and Kashmir could become as peaceful as other states of India. Inshallah!

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