Tuesday, 21 February 2012


SRINAGAR: Lt Gen Ramesh Halgali, AVSM,SM, DCOAS(IS&T) flagged off the historic ‘First Indian” ski expedition to North Pole is being organized by Indian Army. Indian Army has been a pioneer in the field of adventure activities. In last  decade, Army teams made four first ascents on eight thousands and scaled seven out of nine available peaks. 
Having gained experience over the years in multitude of adventure activities. Indian Army has ventured into a relatively unknown but challenging world of polar journey and exploration. First Indian Ski Expedition to South Pole was successfully conducted from Nov 10 to Jan 11.  A eight member Army team unfurled the National and Army flag at South Pole on 15 Jan 11.
Having gained the requisite experience, Indian Army is now undertaking yet another ‘First Indian’ Ski Expedition to North Pole. The initial team was selected after long and tough selection trials in general area Sumdoh, HP conducted in Nov 11. The team led by Col Anand Swaroop, SM includes 02 Offrs and 06 OR.   To realistically prepare the team in polar conditions, a training expedition was conducted at Svalbard, Norway from 10 Jan 12 to 28 Jan 12.
The main expedition is planned from 25 Feb 12 to 30 Apr 12. The expedition team of 08 personnel along with the eqpt will fly to northernmost island of Ellesmere in Canada  by a mix of commercial and chartered flights. The expedition will take off from ‘Ward Hunt’ and would involve skiing for a distance of 780 Kms from coast off Ellesmere Island, Canada to North Pole. The team will pull sledges with all the equipment and supplies required for approximately two months.

During the expedition, the team will face extreme cold temperatures in the range of -250 C to -500 C, ever prevalent high winds causing even cooler temperatures due to ‘wind chill factor’, gradual climb, total lack of landmarks for navigation, lack of any possibility of support (depends on weather conditions), drifting ice, ice packs and leads, encounter with polar bears and non stop challenges for a period of over 50 days.


 BANDIPURA: A Motivational cum Educational Tour ‘Watan ki Sair’ was flagged off today in colorful ceremony organized by 14 Rashtriya Rifles amidst high civil dignitaries, police officials, sarpanchs, panchs, locals and high ranked Army officials.

The 15 days tour will take 20 students from remote villages of Bandipur on an educational and motivational tour to Jammu, Delhi, Belgaum, Goa and back.  The tour has been organised with an aim to bring these children closer to the rich and diverse culture of India and to garner experiences from other parts of the country which they can share with their friends back home.

A cultural programme was organised to grace the occasion where the children of AGS Aragam, the Bandipur Rock Star Band and cultural group from Hamdard Education Society, Srinagar presented a thrilling performance. Speaking on the occasion, Brigadier Anil Puri congratulated the children and exhorted them to utilize this opportunity and learn good things from the places they visit so that they become responsible citizens of the country.


 SRINAGAR: In their endavour to channelize the resourceful energy of the youth in constructive manner the Chinar Corps is conducting vocational training cadre on welding for unemployed youth of the valley under the aegis of Chief Engineer Chinar Corps at their engineering unit location at Old Airfd.  This cadre gives opportunity to the youth of the society to seek employment in the industries or set up their own small business for earning livelihood leading to achieve a better financial status. 
The second training cadre on welding is being conducted by the engineering regiment for a duration of four weeks from 06 February 2012 to 03 March 2012 for 27 unemployed youth from South Kashmir having a minimum educational qualification as 8th standard.   The lodging and food is being catered by the Army for the training.  The cadre would be conducted under guidance of qualified tradesmen (experts) of the unit in their well equipped workshop.    At the end of course they will be assessed by Technical team detailed from ITI, Srinagar and each individual would be given a qualifying certificate,  which would help them in future employment. 

The cadre includes training on metal welding & cutting, pipe welding, arc welding, brass welding and Gas welding as well as handling of cutting machine. The vocational training would not only help  the youth to inculcate a sense of confidence and achievement but would also simultaneously help in cementing the relation between the army and local populace.